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Fence Installation in Metro Atlanta Area

At ECA Gate and Lock, we offer the fence options you want to enhance your property! Fences are extremely important in protecting your property and can even increase your curb appeal. Your fence can be tailored to meet the customization needs of your home or business. As premium fence installers near you, we focus on precise fence installation done correctly the first time. Learn more about fence design by visiting our Buyer’s Guide!

Privacy Fencing

privacy fencing

If you’re looking to make your yard more intimate, a privacy fence is a wonderful option. You can choose the height of your fence and customize the picket sizing to achieve the level of privacy you’re searching for. You can even choose decorative features for front yard fences that add pops of design. The best products for yard privacy include composite fences, vinyl fences, and wood fences. Looking for more information on privacy fence installation in the Metro Atlanta area? Give ECA Gate and Lock a call!

Decorative Fencing

decorative fencing

Decorative privacy fences are designed to still add privacy while being classic and stylish. They are designed to mimic your home’s architectural style and increase curb appeal. Some materials you may choose for ornamental fences include aluminum, steel, wood, composite, vinyl, and wrought iron. Schedule a consultation with our premier fence installers to test samples and see decorative fence options!

Pool Fencing

pool fencing

For homeowners that have pools more than 24” deep, most state regulations require pool fence installation. This is extremely important in protecting your pets and children from accessing the pool unsupervised. Our team is knowledgeable on many pool fencing options, including the height requirements and bottom clearance necessary for a fence around pool. Ready to discuss your options for a pool fence? Let us work with your contractors to find the best solutions for pool fence installation near you. 

Security Fencing

security fencing

Home security fences are designed to keep your home secure against intruders. We’re familiar with local building codes and can design a fence with the correct height, picket sizes, mesh, rails, and a security lock if necessary. Residential security fences can give you peace of mind that your home is well protected. If you desire additional protection, heavy duty fences can be looked at in addition to security lock operators. Ready to discuss security fence installation? Give us a call to schedule your consultation. 

Pet Fencing

pet fencing

If you have a pet, it may be necessary to keep them contained in your yard. Pet barrier fencing will keep your pets safely inside your yard and prevent them from escaping. We’ll take your dog’s size and temperament into consideration when recommending the right pet fence. We can even install horse fences and all types of fences for dogs! Come to ECA Gate and Lock as the best fence installers near you. 

Commercial Fencing

commercial fencing

Commercial fencing includes many different types of fences that exist in industrial buildings, warehouses, retail storefronts, airports, and more! Commercial fence installation may be needed to satisfy state regulations or to protect building property. As commercial fence contractors, we work to offer excellent services that ensure your industrial fencing is safe and reliable for operation.

When it comes to fencing, size and material almost completely dictate the project’s price. The larger an area that needs to be fenced in, the more material that will be needed, adding to the fence cost. Each fence material also has its own price range whether it’s chain, wood, vinyl, or other. ECA Gate and Lock will help work with you to decide on what fencing material will fit in your budget.

The added privacy is one of the most significant advantages of installing a new fence. You don’t always want your neighbors watching you while you’re grilling outside, walking around your house, or doing lawn care. Without a fence, you risk feeling uneasy in your own home. Fencing also improves the security of your home. Not only to keep your four-legged family members safe but also to keep unwanted visitors out. Finally, fences add value to your home by increasing its curb appeal. Installing a new high-quality fence with ECA Gate and Lock is always a good investment!

Fences serve a variety of purposes, and different styles cater to different needs. Some fence styles provide more security, while others provide more privacy. Some fencing will blend in better with the style of your home than others. Any questions you have about fencing or styling will be answered by our experts at ECA Gate and Lock.

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