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Privacy Fence Installation Near You

Are you looking for a fence for privacy? Maybe you don’t want to see your neighbor’s yard, or maybe you just want a little peace in quiet in your backyard. ECA Gate and Lock has the best privacy fences! We offer privacy fence installation near you for the best yard privacy around.

Not sure where to start? Let’s take a look a look at some of our options:

Private Fence

If you want complete and total privacy from everyone around you, then opt for a full privacy fence. This type of fence will typically have wider slats that sit very close together, usually right up against each other. In addition, these are very tall, so no one can see over the top. This is your best option for blocking out everything around you.

privacy fencing

Semi-Private Fence

If you still want privacy but don’t need complete seclusion, you can choose a semi-private fence. These fences tend to have smaller slats with gaps in between. This offers some seclusion without being completely walled off. In addition, these aren’t quite as tall as full privacy fences. You can also choose to add some decorative aspects to these to add to the overall look.

privacy fence installation

Contact Us for a Private Fence

If yard privacy is important to you, let ECA Gate and Lock install a fence for privacy in your yard. We can do a front yard fence, a backyard fence, or an anywhere-you-want fence. Contact us today for privacy fence installation near you!

Privacy Fence Materials

While there are many different types of materials for fences, your best options for a privacy fence are going to be wood and vinyl because these easily create wide slats and offer great durability. 


A wood privacy fence is a classic go-to. This material always looks amazing and can be customized in many different ways. Plus, it’s easy to change the paint color or stain whenever you want to update the look of your privacy fence.

wood privacy fencing


A vinyl privacy fence is a great option if you’re looking for a fence more within budget. This type of privacy fence is also customizable and can look great with any home! Vinyl privacy fences are easy to repair and update too!

vinyl fencing

Other Aspects to Consider with Your Privacy Fence

HOA Regulations

If you live in a neighborhood that has an HOA, it’s important to make sure you’re abiding by their regulations when installing a new privacy fence. Be sure to check in with your HOA to make sure that you’re good to go with your new privacy fence.


It’s important to discuss any privacy fencing plans with any neighbors that might be affected. Maybe your neighbor wants a fence too, and you can split the cost between you. Either way, it’s helpful to keep your neighbors in the know.

Utility Lines and Construction Layout

These are both very important things to consider when planning your new privacy fence. When installing a fence for privacy, the fence installer will need to dig down in order to make the fence secure. So it’s important to know where your utility lines are so that no damage occurs. In addition, you’ll need to know exactly where your property lines are so that your fence isn’t accidentally installed on your neighbor’s land. Make sure you take the size of your fence into consideration!


Finally, budget is another important area to consider. Different materials will have varying prices. The size, length, height, etc. of your privacy fence will also determine the price. These are all important things to factor into your budget.

Your best bet is to aim for a minimum of 6 feet tall. Of course, the taller you go, the more privacy you’ll have. Most privacy fences are in the 8-10 foot range.

Yes! If you have a wood fence that was previously painted, it’ll be no trouble at all to repaint it when needed. You can also stain a wood fence. Vinyl fences are harder to paint as it tends to not stick well. You’ll need a special type of paint for this. But it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional before undertaking a big project like this to make sure you purchase the right products.

Can you install a gate on my privacy fence?

Yes, we can! We can install whatever type of gate you want for your new privacy fence.

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