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Are you looking for a custom gate solution but need help knowing where to begin? Partner with ECA Gate & Lock to explore our dozens of options for specialty gate installation near you. Our products include swing gates, vertical pivot gates, cantilever gates, and more. We are highly experienced in finding the best solutions for automatic gate installation in Duluth, GA, so we are confident we can do the same for you. Contact us today to book a free consultation, and we’ll get started on your specialty gate design.

Our Specialty Gates

Swing Gates

Swing gates are the most commonly used type of gate for residential properties. They are ideal for driveways and private properties, as they are highly customizable and cost-effective compared to other gate systems. They can swing inward or outward, making them easy to operate from either side, and can be outfitted with an opener for convenient automatic function. Swing gates are available in various sizes, from pedestrian gates to double gates that accommodate large vehicles like RVs, making it easy to design the perfect specialty swing gate for your home.

Slide Gates

Sliding gates move horizontally along a track embedded in the ground, unlike swing gates that open inward or outward. These gates can be made from various materials, such as wood, metal, and wrought iron. Manufacturers can customize them to match your style, ranging from simple to ornamental designs. A sliding gate is usually operated by an automatic opener that can be accessed through a keypad, button, or smartphone application, providing a seamless and convenient way to enter or exit your property. Sliding gates are also available in custom designs, including track sliding gates, cantilever, and telescopic. 

Vertical Pivot Gates

A vertical pivot gate operates through a counterbalance system. This system enables the gate, up to 20 feet long, to rise into the air. During the opening cycle, the gate moves up at an angle and pivots upward. Then, during the closing cycle, the gate moves down and pivots downward. This type of gate is self-contained, stand-alone, and usually installed in areas with limited space. We recommend these security gates for home and business owners with narrow entrance areas.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are a type of trackless gate system that is supported by rollers. Unlike sliding gates that run along a track, cantilever gates remain suspended as they operate. This makes them ideal for areas that experience snow and frequent debris, as they are not affected by obstacles on the ground. They are low maintenance, easy to use, and offer excellent security for residential and commercial properties. The built-in counterbalance system allows them to extend further, making them perfect for large openings.

Custom Gate Design

Does your property entrance not quite fit the mold of these specialty gate designs? We’d love to assist you with custom gate design. We offer gate fabrication, ensuring we can create a custom gate ideal for your property, regardless of rugged terrain or limited space.

Partner with Us for Specialty Gate Installation

For decades, ECA Gate & Lock has been a leading local company when it comes to specialty gate installation and design near Duluth, Lawrenceville, and other areas of North Atlanta. We’re passionate about working with home and business owners to design an ideal custom gate solution and install it with the best attention to detail. If you have a unique property entrance and want to explore options for specialty gate installation, we would love to assist you. Contact us today, and we’ll get started with your specialty gate design!

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