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Commercial Entry Gate Repair


Schedule Commercial Entry Gate Repair With Our Local Experts

Commercial entry gate repair is a highly specialized field, which is why you need to work with a licensed, professional gate repair company in Duluth, GA. At ECA Gate & Lock, we have decades of on-the-job experience repairing various issues with commercial entry gates. Whether you need custom-fabricated replacement parts or repairs for damaged hardware, we are ready to serve you. 

No matter the size or specifications of your commercial entry gate, our highly-trained, dedicated technicians can handle the repair. Whether it’s a swinging gate, sliding gate, rolling gate, cantilever gate, or simple arm gate, we have you covered. Our experienced technicians are ready to help you with your specific needs; just give us a call for a free quote on commercial entry gate repair in Duluth, GA.

Common Commercial Entry Gate Repairs

Your commercial gate works hard daily to ensure your business is secure and your employees can access the property reliably. But the constant use strains your gate components over time, eventually leading to broken parts and even gate failure. Or, an accident with a vehicle could have damaged your gate, leaving you stuck in or out of your property. No matter the cause of your gate problems, ECA Gate & Lock is here to deliver fast, effective commercial entry gate repair in Duluth, GA. We frequently solve many common gate problems, including:

  • Track and Hinge Repair
  • Sensor and Safety Device Repair
  • Gate Alignment and Leveling
  • Component Replacement
  • Gate Operator Repair

Contact us if you’re ready to work with a professional gate company near Duluth, GA to solve your commercial gate issues. Our trucks are stocked and prepared to deliver commercial entry gate repair today.

Work With Our Professionals for the Best Outcome

We partner with multifamily properties, offices, warehouses, and other industrial properties to service commercial gates. As local gate contractors, we offer a variety of commercial entry gate repair services, including: 

  • Commercial Custom Slide Gate Repair
  • Commercial Chain Link Gate Repair
  • Commercial Wood Gate Repair
  • Commercial Sliding Gate Opener Repair
  • Commercial Repair for Swing Gate Openers
  • Commercial Solar Gate Opener Repair
  • And More! 

We take pride in offering quality replacement parts, excellent workmanship, and friendly customer service. When you need commercial entry gate repair near Duluth, GA, we want ECA Gate & Lock to be your first call! So don’t wait for your gate problems to get worse; contact us to schedule your repair or service today. 

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Schedule Annual Gate Maintenance to Stay on Top of Repairs

If you have a commercial or industrial property that demands a lot of your gate system, it’s critical to schedule annual maintenance to ensure the integrity of your gate and operator. Commercial gate tune-ups inspect wheels, bearings, arms, chains, rollers, motors, lubrication, and the condition of all gate moving parts. 

Scheduling comprehensive gate inspections in the spring and fall can prevent unexpected problems that may cause disruptions in your business operations. Regular maintenance helps extend your equipment’s lifespan, minimize downtime, and reduce overall operational costs in the long term. If it’s been several years since anyone has looked at your gate system, contact ECA Gate & Lock to schedule a maintenance appointment. 

Contact Us to Book Your Commercial Entry Gate Repair Today

If your commercial entry gate won’t open, has visible damage, or is out of alignment, contact ECA Gate & Lock to book service and repair. We’ve been in business for many years, so we’ve seen it all when it comes to damaged gates. Our technicians have the best tools, equipment, and replacement parts to ensure a thorough, speedy repair. Contact us to book your appointment for commercial entry gate repair in Duluth, GA today. 

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