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Unlike many other gate systems, cantilever gates are unique because they don’t roll on the ground. Instead, a series of rollers attached to support posts on either side of the opening support the gate as it operates. The distance between these posts usually equals half the length of the gate opening. 

Cantilever gate installation is an excellent option if you want a secure, easy-to-maintain gate system or have rocky terrain around your property entrance that prevents the installation of a more traditional swing or slide gate. However, remember that cantilever gates require a lot of space and must be installed on level ground. 

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Types of Cantilever Gates

Is cantilever gate installation the right choice to upgrade your property? Then, it’s time to start exploring types. There are three main types of cantilever gates: decorative, chain link, and high-security. Let’s walk through them to help you make the best choice!

Decorative Cantilever Gates

Decorative cantilever gates are great for residential properties and estates that want a secure, easy-to-maintain barrier for their property. Many clients add ornamental finishes like metal scrolling, custom rails, and more. 

Chain Link Cantilever Gates

Chain link cantilever gates are the most common type and a popular choice for businesses that want to secure a gravel entrance to their property. The light material makes it easy to move the gate manually, or you can automate it for more convenience. 

High-Security Cantilever Gates

High-security cantilever slide gates are made of non-climbable materials, installed tight to the ground, and are generally tall. These features help keep unauthorized personnel out and keep your property secure. 

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