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Residential Fence & Gate Services in the Metro Atlanta Area

ECA Gate and Lock is committed to bringing homeowners premier quality fencing and gate solutions. We offer a wide range of gate and fence options to suit the needs of your property whether you want to increase security, privacy, or showcase the beauty of your land. We frequently work with individual homeowners, homeowner’s associations, and estate managers to find the best residential fence gate solutions and provide excellent repairs, service, and installation. 

Looking for a company to trust? We love installing gate or fencing solutions to embellish a new neighborhood, but we also love the relationship we have with our clients. ECA Gate and Lock will gladly extend our services to apartment complexes and local HOAs. We arrive on time, every time you need a reliable maintenance professional for an existing fence or gate. If you need a dependable, friendly company for new install, replacement, repairs and services, or maintenance contact ECA Gate and Lock right away.


For homeowners, fence and gate services are wonderful options for protection and security. ECA Gate and Lock is prepared to take on your fence or gate installation needs. With our experience, we’re knowledgeable about the different types of residential fencing. We install the following types: 

We’ve worked with many fencing materials, including PVC, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, steel, and wood. Our team handles fence installation correctly the first time to ensure your yard is secure. In times where repair is needed, we’re able to take on your project. 

It’s also important to stay up to date with routine maintenance. Because fences are outside, they may be bombarded by rain, snow, hail, and extreme temperatures over time. Depending on the fence material, it may become warped, causing cracks and damage. Anytime you need fence service, our team at ECA Gate and Lock is equipped to take care of it. 

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Our team is experts at developing the right balance between ensuring the homeowner association requirements are met and finding the perfect fence. We’ll research your neighborhood to find popular designs and fence options. We can also ensure that the size, color, and design of your fence will be accepted by the HOA. We’ll find the best fencing solutions with low maintenance requirements for your home. We’re able to install a wide variety of fence types and will ensure you’re happy with your home’s newest feature. 

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The classic style of ornamental fence systems can bring both security and elegance to estates. These fences may be added to private businesses, large estates, and luxury apartment properties. Estate fences can be customized to fit the needs of your property, including the height and width of the fence, color, pickets, and design. They’ll also be paired with an automatic gate operator for smooth and efficient operation. Our team at ECA Gate and Lock is committed to being your number one choice for estate gate installation, repair, and maintenance. 

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