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Entry Access Control


Why Reliable Entry Access Control Is Important

Entry access control systems are vital to the security and protection of your property. They only let authorized people in, and they can’t be hacked. A trustworthy, qualified local company should handle your entry access control installation, providing strong security systems that you can rely on.

ECA Gate & Lock installs card readers, cellular entry, keypad entry systems, radio controls, and telephone entry for both residential and commercial systems. Our team will ensure all entry access control devices are functioning properly and secure in their position to protect your home or business. 

Gate Entry Access Control Options

When deciding on an entry access control system installation near Duluth, GA, you’ll have many options to choose from. Various entry access control devices each have their advantages, which may be beneficial depending on your situation. We encourage you to consider the following questions before choosing the best entry access control for you: 

  • What type of gate do you have? Options may include swing gates, slide gates, or specialty gates. 
  • Is the entry access control system for a residential or commercial property? Most systems are designed to operate either on a small or large scale.
  • How often will the gate be operating during the day? If the gate is opening frequently, it will need a heavy-duty entry access control system.
  • What is the electrical system like? You should consider where the nearest power source is and what your plan will be for power outages. Many entry access control systems come with battery backups, which are wonderful to have in case of emergency situations.
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Telephone Entry

Telephone entry systems rely on verbal communication to allow entry. This is an easy way for building managers to monitor everyone who’s entering and leaving the property. The building’s phone systems can be looped with the system to create a “call” button. 

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Keypad Entry Systems

Keypad entry systems allow the user entry if the correct code is entered. This system is typically used in conjunction with telephone entry and can be controlled by the building owner. This allows them to monitor who’s entering the building and control all access points.

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Card Readers

Card readers are typically used in commercial settings for employees to gain access to a building or property. A card reader system will recognize the permitted cards and allow entry into the building. Key card door entry systems can be used at multiple points through a building facility to keep it secure.

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Cellular Entry

Cellular entry systems provide a control center for all communication within the facility. They are easier to maintain than standard phone lines and use modern technology for better access.

Residential and Commercial Entry Access Control Solutions

Entry access control solutions are a great way to keep both residential and commercial buildings safe and secure. For entry access control system installation near Duluth, GA, contact our ECA Gate & Lock team! We’re prepared to handle all types of entry access control installation by partnering with excellent manufacturers and staying knowledgeable on the best methods for gate entry access control. 

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