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Commercial Access Control Installation


Why is Commercial Access Control Crucial for Your Business?

Commercial access control helps you secure your building at all times and monitor who enters and exits your property. Access control systems include card readers, keypads, biometric systems, and remote access control. With these advanced technological systems in place, only authorized personnel can access your property, helping you defend against thieves and invaders. 

Many businesses integrate their commercial access control systems with other systems, such as surveillance, intrusion alarms, and fire safety. With updated security and safety systems like these in place, you can be confident that your building and employees are safeguarded at all times. 

Contact us to learn more about these security solutions or to schedule commercial access control installation.

Wired-In Vs. IP-Based Commercial Access Control Installation

Many commercial access systems are wired into the building in a central control panel and then connected to door readers and locking mechanisms through hardwired cables. Wired-in commercial access control systems are often considered more secure because they are difficult to hack. However, being hardwired into the building means there are some limitations. For example, a single control panel can only support a set number of access points, meaning large properties would need multiple control panels that need to be individually monitored. 

On the other hand, IP-based commercial access control systems connect via networks such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi. IP-based access control is versatile and easy to adjust and monitor. It also makes expanding or updating your system easy without the use of control panels. However, hacking and cyber attacks are potential issues with IP-based systems since the components typically connect to the internet.

Are you unsure if wired-in or IP-based commercial access control installation is right for your business? Contact ECA Gate & Lock to learn more about our options. We’ll help you make the best choice.

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Businesses We Work With Frequently 

Regardless of your industry, ensuring your employees’ safety and your property’s security is critical. That’s why we work with a broad range of businesses, including:

  • Hotels
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial Properties
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Storefronts
  • Office Buildings
  • And More!

Whether your property is commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, medical, or any other service, ECA Gate & Lock would love to assist you with commercial access control installation in Duluth, GA. Contact us to get started today!

Book Commercial Access Control Installation in Duluth, GA

Having an updated commercial access control system is pivotal to the security and safety of your property. Working with a professional to complete your commercial access control installation in Duluth, GA, is even more vital. At ECA Gate & Lock, we’ve been selling, installing, and serving commercial access control systems for many years. We work with the best brands and offer a versatile range of solutions to ensure your business’s unique security needs are taken care of. Contact us when you’re ready to book commercial access control installation near you!

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