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Are you having problems with your entry access control system, such as frequent false alarms, trouble getting card readers to work, or system connectivity issues? ECA Gate & Lock is here to assist you with top-rated local entry access control repair in Duluth, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas of Metro Atlanta.

We’ve been repairing, servicing, and installing access control systems for many years, so we know how to identify and solve common issues plaguing our clients. We work with private properties, apartment complexes, businesses, hotels, and more to provide fast, accurate entry access control repair. If you need to set up an appointment, contact us today.

Common Problems With Access Control Systems

Hardware Malfunctions 

Access control systems can have several hardware elements, including card readers, smart cards, or smart locks. Problems like aging hardware, long-term use without maintenance, electrical shortages, and incorrect usage can cause your hardware to malfunction. If your card reader, keypad, or cellular entry won’t work suddenly or gives you a failure code, call us for entry access control repair near you. 

Poor System Integration

Many times, a new access control system is integrated with an existing security system. If you don’t work with a professional for the installation, it can result in communication problems, data discrepancies, and system failures, becoming a major headache for your property. If your new entry access control system is malfunctioning, call us to troubleshoot the system and find the best solution for entry access control repair.

Access Control Issues

Access control systems rely on accurate identification and authentication to allow you to enter your private property or employees to enter your business. If there are issues like authentication errors, incorrect credentials, or technical issues, it can disrupt the security of your building as your access control gives off false alarms or malfunctions.

Outdated Equipment 

Sometimes, the issue with your access control system is that it is simply out of date. With technology constantly evolving, your building security needs to as well. If you attempt to integrate an older system with new technologies, you may encounter some issues and need help. Contact us to troubleshoot any problems and provide entry access control repair near you.

Call Us to Make Sure Your Property is Secure

Your access control system is your primary defense against intruders trying to enter your home or business. If it isn’t functioning as it should, your property is at risk of potential theft or unwanted visitors. To keep your card readers, keypad, or cellular entry working in top shape, we offer entry access control repair with fast service and dedicated attention to detail. 

When it comes to repairing access control systems, there’s no problem we can’t troubleshoot, identify, and repair. We are also happy to provide options for replacement if you have worn out components or an aging system. So don’t wait for your access control system to get worse; contact us today to book an appointment for entry access control in Duluth, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and the surrounding areas.

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