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Driveway Gate Installation


Choosing the Right Gate Type for Your Driveway

Driveway gates come in several varieties that can best suit the needs of your property depending on your driveway’s size and clearance on either side. If you’re not sure where to begin searching for your new gate, explore the three most common gate types below! Then, contact ECA Gate & Lock to learn more about driveway gate installation.

Swing Gates

Swing gates can open inward or outward to allow people to access your driveway. They offer a high-end look and quiet operation, making them a popular choice for many homeowners who want driveway gate installation in Duluth, GA.

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Slide Gates

Slide gates are ideal for driveways with limited space. They operate on tracks with wheels, sliding back and forth across the opening of your driveway. Slide gates are a lightweight option that is easy to maintain. Simply clean the track of debris and lubricate it to keep the gate running smoothly over time.

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Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-fold gates have two panels that fold together and slide on tracks. They can feature one section with two panels or two sections with four panels. Bi-fold gates take up less space than swing gates and open faster than many driveway gate varieties.

Driveway Gate Installation FAQs

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Book Your Driveway Gate Installation With Our Experts

If you’re ready for driveway gate installation in Duluth, GA, contact ECA Gate & Lock. We’d love to serve your home with quality products, ensuring your property is safeguarded with the best. Book service by calling today or scheduling an appointment online. We can’t wait to serve your home!

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