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Fence Gates

ECA Gate and Lock is proud to install all types of fence gates. This can be a great option for both residential and commercial locations, especially if you desire a mix of security and architectural design. Regardless of your project, we’re ready to install your fence gate system in Duluth, GA. We partner with the best manufacturers to ensure your new fence gate is made of premium quality and will be dependable for years to come. We install the following fence gates: 

  • Vinyl fence gates
  • Chain link fence gates
  • Metal fence gates
  • Wood fence gates
  • Privacy fence gates
  • Custom fence gates
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Vehicle Gates

Automatic vehicle gates are a common solution to vehicle access control. These systems may be used both residentially and commercially, from gated communities and apartment complexes to parking lots, industrial facilities, military locations, airports, etc. Vehicle barrier gates contain some type of physical barrier, usually a gate. A gate operator will also be needed, which will allow vehicles to come through the gate. A type of access control software, in addition to vehicle sensors and card readers, may also be crucial to the operation of the vehicle access control gates. From project conception to completion, we are your full service vehicle gate installation company in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing may be needed in situations where it doesn’t make sense to install a permanent fence or gate system. This is a flexible way to quickly assemble a protective structure for homes or businesses. They’re commonly used for construction sites, outdoor events, or as pet fences. Some types of temporary fencing include: 

  • Picket fence: Ideal for keeping children or pets inside the yard.
  • Bike rack barricade: Important for outdoor events where crowd control is needed.
  • Chain link fence: These keep crowds in check for events like carnivals. They may also be found at construction sites. 
  • Aluminum barricades: Also called mojo barricades, they provide strong security for crowd control. 
  • In-ground fence: Can be installed over asphalt or concrete.
  • Panel fence: Uses post stands for easy transportation. 
  • Temporary swinging and sliding gates: May be used for different types of situations, can be set up and taken down easily.

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Custom Trailer Racks

Trailer rack equipment can be useful in keeping your home or business space organized. Custom trailer racks may be installed to fit the needs of your business. We can order custom-size trailer racks to fit the size you need. Once we have the proper parts, we’ll install them correctly and teach you proper maintenance. 

Custom Vehicle Racks

Custom vehicle racks may be used to accommodate various equipment on top of vehicles. It is usually a set of bars that will be secured to the roof of a car. It may carry items such as luggage, bicycles, kayaks, or other large pieces of equipment. We install custom vehicle racks, which means you can decide on the perfect size for your vehicle and equipment needs. Our team is well-trained to take on both custom vehicle rack installation and repair.

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