Gate Designs That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Automatic Gates Bring Value to Your Home

When you’re considering what will bring the most value to your home, it’s important that you don’t forget about gate designs. Maybe you already have a gate and you’re looking for the best new update. Or, maybe you want a new automatic gate, but don’t know where to start. Whatever the case may be, ECA Gate and Lock is here to help you get the right automatic gate for your home.

Why You Should Consider Automatic Gate Designs

First of all, why should you install an automatic driveway gate? How will it benefit your home’s value any? Will it even benefit you at all? Of course it will! Automatic gates have a lot of benefits, so let’s look at a few of them.


When you install an automatic gate, you’re instantly gaining a lot of privacy. Depending on the type of gate you get, you can have anywhere from complete to partial privacy. No more being watched by onlookers seeing what you’re doing in your driveway or if your cars are home!


This goes hand-in-hand with privacy. You’re a lot safer at home when people can’t see you. No one will be able to tell if you’re at home or not, and you’re restricting access to your property. In addition, you’ll be able to keep unwanted visitors out and children and pets in.


Naturally, security follows from these other benefits of an automatic gate. Unwanted people are much less likely to approach your home when there’s a solid gate in the way. And with the new security features that automatic gates have—such as motion detection and video surveillance—you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands.


Of course, nothing can quite beat the appearance of an automatic front gate. There are a lot of stunning options to choose from when considering the design of your new entryway gate. If you need gate design ideas for your home, contact ECA Gate and Lock, and we’ll help you pick out a gate that will look amazing with your house.

Popular Gate Design Ideas

There are many different gate designs to choose from when considering your new automatic gate. Here are three of our most popular gate designs to consider:

Modern Gate Designs

Modern gates are on the rise, and we completely agree with this! These gates are sleek and make a big statement. With modern gates, you know that your home will instantly increase in value.

There are a lot of modern gate designs to choose from, but we especially love black, smooth modern gates. This type of automated gate gives your home a luxury feel that can’t be achieved any other way.

Here are some modern gate design ideas for you to consider:

modern gate designs
modern gates

Sliding Gate Designs

A sliding gate design is a great option for an automatic gate that will impress onlookers. This gate design takes up a lot less room than a traditional gate. It will instantly make your home look much more sophisticated and classy.

There are tons of different sliding gate design ideas too! You can’t go wrong with a design like this.

Here are some great examples of a sliding gate design:

sliding gate designs
sliding gates

Simple Gate Designs

You can never go wrong with a traditional, simple gate design. This type of automatic gate is both classy and timeless. It will look amazing with any home and will definitely add some value to your property.

Simple gate designs keep it, well, simple! You won’t find anything too complicated here. The beauty of the gate says enough without needing anything too fancy involved.

Here are some great examples of simple gate design ideas:

simple gate designs
simple gates

Contact Us for Automatic Gates

If you’re ready for a new automatic gate that will increase your home value, give ECA Gate and Lock a call at (770) 400-0175. We’ll help you choose the perfect new gate design for your home and your budget. Don’t wait, contact us today for your automatic gate installation.

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