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We Sell Used Gates and Equipment in Duluth, GA!

Are you in the market for a gate, gate opener, or gate equipment but don’t want to spend too much investing in brand-new products? Used gates and equipment might be the best way to go! ECA Gate & Lock has a wide variety of used gate products to assist customers with upgrading their driveway, property entrance, and more. 

We’ve been in the gate business for many years, so we know quality when we see it. We thoroughly examine and test all of our used gates and equipment to ensure you get a quality product for your home. We also offer top-rated local gate installation in Duluth, GA, to guarantee your gate system will operate like new! Contact us to learn more about our used gates and equipment in stock!

Our Used Gates and Equipment

We always have a variety of used gates and equipment in stock, so we recommend checking in frequently if you want to upgrade the entrance to your property in the near future. The most commonly used gates and equipment we carry include:

  • Sliding Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Metal Gates
  • Wood Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Cantilever Gates
  • Vertical Pivot Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Gate Openers
  • Access Control
  • Barrier Arms
  • Door Closers
  • And More!

We’d love to walk you through our used products over the phone, or you can come visit our shop to see what we have in person. Call us now to learn more!

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Benefits of Buying Used Gates and Equipment

Cost Savings

Of course, the biggest benefit of buying used gates and equipment is the much lower cost than buying new ones. If you’re trying to find an affordable way to add a gate and automatic gate opener to your property, used gates and equipment in Duluth, GA, sold by a reliable dealer like ECA Gate & Lock ensures you get a durable, long-lasting gate solution without breaking the bank. 

Faster Availability

While some gates and equipment may take weeks to order and install on your property, purchasing used gates and equipment that we already have in stock ensures you get a speedy installation. This may be especially important if you have a damaged gate or opener that needs immediate replacement. 

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option to increase the beauty and security of your property, used gates and equipment are a great way to go. Used products allow you to save on the resources needed to produce new ones because you’re using gates and equipment that have already been produced. 

Find Out What We Have in Stock!

We’re committed to bringing the best quality new and used gates and equipment to our customers throughout the Metro Atlanta area, including Duluth, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and more. Along with selling great products, we also offer gate installation, repair, and maintenance. No matter your gate and access control needs, ECA Gate & Lock is here to deliver guaranteed results. Contact us to get started today!

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