How to Choose the Right Access Control System for Your Atlanta Home or Business

The metro Atlanta area has seen an uptick in the need for reliable, yet advanced entry access control systems. It’s important to make sure you have right access control for your family or employees. Have you ever experienced a break-in? Are your neighbors around your home or business address getting a little too close? Is a locked door enough security for your comfort? 

All of these questions are extremely valid for helping users choose the right entry access control system for their needs. When you’re not there to physically let your visitors, customers, or occupants in, how can you trust an automated system to answer them for you? 

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This article discusses what the property owner requires from their access control system, and  how you can finalize your decision with the help of access control installation experts. Covering the different types of systems available and the features to consider, ECA Gate and Lock can discuss the cost of installation for the right access control system for your Atlanta home or business.

Let us first establish:

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system is a keypad that controls who can enter and exit through the gate. With a successful system, you can ensure only authorized people are able to enter your building, easily give access to new tenants, and revoke access from unauthorized tenants. 

Popular Types of Access Control Systems:

  • Telephone Entry
  • Keypad Entry Systems
  • Card Readers
  • Cellular Entry
  • Custom Access Control

Telephone Entry

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Excellent for industrial and commercial properties with a designated teller, telephone entry access is regularly designed for individual homes or multi-family properties where they can dial multiple phone numbers. 

Keypad Entry

Perhaps one of the most customizable, and most recognized access control system is the keypad entry. Simply choose a combination of numbers or letters, and share that code with employees, occupants, visitors, etc. The code can simply be changed or customized to the level of guest or team member for your home or business.

keypad entry

Card Readers

card readers

Neighborhood HOAs, apartments, condos, and hotels commonly use card reader systems for their tennis and pool amenity access. But many commercial buildings also rely on card reader access control systems as well. These entry systems are simple for granting new cards to new tenants, yet unfortunately will devoid the security of the system if the card is lost or stolen. 

Cellular Entry

The only difference for a cellular entry access control system is that they are connected via cellular connection, much like making a phone call to let that person know you’ve arrived at the gate.

cellular entry

Custom Access Control

If you have a unique property setup, or have a project in mind that requires an alternative access control system, don’t hesitate to contact our trusted ECA Gate and Lock team. Our passion is making your access control system work for you!

Atlanta Home and Business Owners Should Remain In Control

The most attractive quality about access control is inherent in the name– people want to control the entry access they grant or do not grant to others. The lavish automated systems presented in the movies are now attainable! Atlanta residents and business owners don’t need to have the extra expenses of hiring a security team or a butler to fully allocate when and where their guests should report. 

Which Access Control System Is Best For Your Property? 

ECA Gate and Lock offers all of the main types of access control systems available for custom installation for your Atlanta home or business. Our expert team can help narrow down the best options about simple daily use and eventual system maintenance. Thankfully technology has bound past expectations as far as security features go, so all options of entry access control systems will make you feel like you have your personal, highly-waged security team. 

For those well-versed in the access control system shopper’s market, you’ll know that any long, winding driveway needs an automatic gate paired with a compatible cell phone or keypad entry for their residence. Make sure your entry access control system has the following features for your Atlanta home or business:

  • Handful of wireless connectivity and advanced security features. 
  • Set up arrivals and departures for both your home and your business.
  • Have battery back-up in case of power outage.
  • A local automatic gate and access control expert team on speed-dial!

At ECA Gate and Lock, we install all types of systems available, and we can add our expert opinion about the features to consider, and the cost of installation.

Choose the Right Access Control System For Your Home or Business with ECA Gate and Lock!

Access control attracts a wide range of homeowners and business owners who want to add a level of convenience and a peace of mind that you can’t get from a regular lock and key. ECA Gate and Lock specializes in secure gate systems and access control system installation in the metro Atlanta area.

While there is an ever-growing need for secure access for our loved ones, access control systems are great for any brick and mortar store, warehouse, showroom, rental property, studio, HOA, multi-family property, and so much more. If you need guidance on how to level-up your access control system at your Atlanta home or business, contact the ECA Gate and Lock team you can trust!

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