Christmas Fence Decorations

How to Add Holiday Cheer With 5 Christmas Fence Decorations

It’s that time of year again when homeowners blow the dust off their boxes of Christmas decor, and homes are warmed with the comforting glow of holiday cheer. Why not extend that feel-good Christmas spirit to the outdoors and put up some fence decorations? 

From the moment your friends pull up to your home for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party or your family gathers for dinner and gift exchange, they’ll be in awe of your decked-out home and beautiful fence decorations! Here are five fun fence decorations for the holiday season:

1. Wreaths

christmas fence decorations wreaths

Keep things simple by adorning your fence with Christmas wreaths. Buy matching wreaths at your local craft store, or if you enjoy DIY projects, create your own wreaths and make your Christmas fence decorations even more spectacular. Include greenery, bows, ornaments, and more! 

Wreaths are an excellent option for fence decorations because they hold up well in various weather conditions and are easy to hang. You can purchase wreath hangers in most stores during the holidays. Depending on the type of hanger, though, they might not secure the wreaths in windy weather. Attaching wreaths directly to the fence with twistable wire is the best option. You can also add extra pizazz to your fence decorations by using thick ribbon to hang the wreaths on the fence.

2. Oversized Ornaments

Christmas fence decorations ornaments

Adults and children alike love oversized ornaments. Something about them makes people stop and say, “Wow! Look at those!” Add extra large ornaments to your Christmas fence decorations to make a bold statement. Go for a classy look with gold and silver ornaments, or stay traditional with red and green colors. Whimsical ornament colors such as pinks, blues, and purples can make your home feel like it came straight out of Who-Ville, Dr. Seuss’ famous Christmas village.  

3. Ribbons & Bows

Christmas fence decorations ribbons and bows

There are endless possibilities for Christmas fence decorations when you choose to use ribbons and bows. Any store with a holiday decoration section will have ribbons and bows available, or you can buy material and create your own bows. Get creative with your ribbon and bow combinations, and match them up based on color, texture, and design. Some people add bows on the corners and ends of their fence, while others space them evenly along the entire fence. The choice is yours! 

4. Garland

Christmas fence decorations garland

Christmas garland is another fun option for fence decorations during the holiday season. Garland is a great way to add a natural green color to your yard when most trees are bare for the winter. Choose a garland of faux pine, olive leaves, or other greens. You can opt for a pre-lit garland or frosted garland decorated with pinecones, berries, and glitter. Like most Christmas fence decorations, the options are many, and you can get creative and make it your own! 

5. Lights

Christmas fence decorations lights

Nobody enjoys untangling strings of lights, but the effort is always well worth it in the end! Soft-glowing lights are the perfect addition to your outdoor decor and make for outstanding fence decorations. If you decide to hang lights on your fence, purchase outdoor string lights. You should never use indoor and outdoor lights interchangeably. Indoor lights are safety tested to avoid fires when hung on trees, but they cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Outdoor lights operate in cold temperatures and rainy or snowy weather. 

The real question is, are you team white lights or colored lights? Let us know in the comments!

Fence Repair & Installation: a Gift for Your Home

If you notice issues with your fence as you’re adding Christmas fence decorations, don’t worry! ECA Gate & Lock has an experienced team ready to help with fence repairs in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area. If your property doesn’t have a fence and you’re interested in giving your home and family a gift that keeps on giving, contact us for fence installation near you! 

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