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The Best Choice for Automatic Gate Installation and Repair in Sandy Springs, GA

ECA Gate and Lock is proud to serve our valued customers in Sandy Springs, GA. If we’ve learned anything over the course of our thirty-year tenure in the field, it’s just how important it is to be there for our customers during their time of need. That’s why ECA Gate and Lock places special emphasis on customer support with every service we provide. 

That’s right, we’re all about you! And our workmanship is only a testament to our deep commitment to our customers. Don’t believe us? See some of our custom automatic gates and gate installations for yourself by scrolling through the finished projects in our gallery. Our high-quality gate installation and entry access control care services are the best choices for your Sandy Springs, GA home or business.

Why You Need an Automatic Gate in Sandy Springs, GA

As beautiful as your custom gate may be, it also serves vital purposes beyond enhancing your curb appeal and property value, and that’s saying a lot! Two key additional benefits include increased security and privacy for your residence and workplace. 

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Enhanced Security

Protecting your home or business has never been more important. As disheartening as it is, theft, vandalism, and burglary does happen. Having an automatic gate in Sandy Springs, GA as your first line of defense is your best bet when it comes to keeping your property safe from potential threats.

Privacy Protection

Whether you’re working on a top-secret project or just want the security that you’re not being watched from the windows, an automatic gate is a fantastic option for maintaining privacy at your home or business. Your gate acts as an added barrier and obstructs the view into your Sandy Springs, GA home or workspace so that passersby only see what you want them to see.

Types of Automatic Gates

We install it all! Whether you want to add security, privacy, or curb appeal to your Sandy Springs, GA property, we’ve got you covered. We install a selection of automatic driveway gates, sliding driveway gates, multi-family property front gates, and single residence front gates for residential properties and security gates, barrier arm gates, vertical lift gates, and electric gates for commercial and industrial locations. Simply give us a call when you need us! We’ll install any style, any material, any time.

Services We Offer in Sandy Springs, GA

ECA Gate and Lock offers a myriad of mechanical and electrical engineering services. We understand just how important it is to be able to access your property safely and reliably. That’s why we not only install your electronic access systems but also service them with necessary repairs. 

We use top products and brands to ensure the longevity of your equipment following our repair services and installations. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship with every service we provide, so if you have a problem operating your new or existing system, we will dispatch a team member to help you gain entry to your Sandy Springs, GA home or business in the event of any lockout situation.

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When is the earliest I can call when I notice that something is wrong with my automatic gate?

Signs You Need Automatic Gate Repair

As with all things, your automatic gate will eventually need repair after an extended period of daily use. Seasonal changes, inclement weather, and unfortunate accidents are all things that contribute to the need for repair. Contact us to repair your automatic gate today if you notice any of the following issues with your system.

  • Your gate is making a strange, unusual noise
  • Your gate is operating slowly
  • Your gate is showing signs of rust or weathering
  • Your gate is not responding to your remote control or keypad
  • Your gate is struggling to open or close
  • Your gate is showing visible physical damage
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Contact Us Today!

Our skilled technicians can’t wait to serve you. We value our Sandy Springs, GA customers and eagerly await to provide our top-quality services for all of your fence, automatic gate, and entry access control needs. Contact us at ECA Gate and Lock today!

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