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Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic gates are complex entry solutions constructed of multiple pieces of hardware, which can become damaged and worn through constant use and exposure to the environment. Gate systems are instrumental in providing access to and from neighborhoods, business facilities, and other property types. When automatic gates start exhibiting issues, it can be detrimental to operation. You need a gate repair team ready to take on prompt and efficient automatic gate repairs, which is what we offer at ECA Gate and Lock! Some common automatic gate repair services include:

  • Cracked hinges: Hinges may become rusty and damaged over time, which may cause abnormal noises when the automatic gate is opening and closing.
  • Malfunctioning motors: If a motor is old or damaged, it may have trouble powering the gate. This may allow hinges to grind together, which causes them to rust and break down.
  • Bent frames: A dented frame will mean the automatic gate cannot close properly. It will have to be reshaped and properly weighed to ensure it closes completely.
  • Damaged latches and locks: Latches and locks must fit together to work, which means any amount of damage to one can cause the other to malfunction.
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Access Control Repair

When access control systems experience damage, it can compromise the security of your home or business. In times when your property access is cut off or you cannot control your system, contact our team at ECA Gate and Lock. Our technicians are well-trained in providing professional access control repair. We also offer emergency services when you don’t have time to spare. We offer: 

  • Card Reader Repair
  • Cellular Entry Repair
  • Keypad Entry System Repair 
  • Radio Control Repair
  • Telephone Entry Repair

Commercial Gate Repair

We understand that if you own a commercial gate, you depend on it for business operations. In times when your gate won’t open or close, our team is prepared to come to your aid. We’re extremely familiar with automatic gate systems and can thoroughly examine your commercial gate for signs of damage. No matter the issue, we’ll get started immediately on your commercial gate repair!

Yes, access control systems have battery backup plans that kick in automatically in the event of a power outage. Your control systems should last until the backup battery runs out, at this point, your gates will become manual until power is restored. Contact ECA Gate and Lock for all electrical and mechanical access system issues. Our certified technicians will be able to quickly diagnose the issue and get your access control system up and running again.

The sliding gate’s wheels should be able to support the gate’s total weight. Otherwise, it won’t be able to smoothly move and will quickly wear out. A sliding gate’s wheels are made of heavy metal and over time can become rusted. Consistent use and wear and tear will also begin to deteriorate your gate. We recommend seeing if oiling your gate’s wheels helps. If not, it may be time for a replacement. We recommend annual maintenance and care in order for your sliding gate to always properly function.

There are many reasons why an automatic gate would stop working. This includes dead batteries, cold weather, power outages, or signal interference that’s blocking the gate. If you’ve attempted to manually open the gate and it’s able to open and close, then your automatic gate might have an electrical problem. Electrical or mechanical issues need to be dealt with by an expert to prevent further damage. Let one of our highly-trained gate specialists come out to diagnose and repair your automatic gate for you.

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