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Which Fencing Material is Best for Your Home?

There are pros and cons to each material of fencing for your yard. Each home stands with a certain aesthetic, and you need a fence that compliments your yard rather than compete with it. Some people wish for their property to have a thick hedge containing bricks, stones, and concrete. People want fences for extra security with a defined boundary line of where their property starts and ends. See the difference of how a high-quality fence can still be secure and look great with a defined style minus shutting the world out.

Fencing Material Showdown

We wanted to display the differences between all the possible fencing materials, so gate owners are educated they made the best possible decision for their home. Maintenance, appearance, durability, and pricing of each fence material will be discussed. Some materials are limited to a particular style and are available to What fence material will you go with? Take this blog as the great guide to what ECA Gate & Lock could install for your home today.

Wood Fence

wood fencing

Who wouldn’t think of wood creating the perfect fenced in home? Wood is an attractive, classic material that works in any yard style. Being so versatile, it’s an even better advantage that wood fencing is cheaper than vinyl or masonry fencing.

However this fencing material has a major obstacle if you want to keep your fence standing firm: wood fencing tends to warp, tilt, and discolor if it’s left without refinishing, maintenance, or replacement. Varying on the wood type, wood fencing can last a couple decades or longer. Pressure-treated woods increase durability and are bug-resistant. As an alternative, bamboo fencing is on the rise being an excellent eco-trend.

Metal Fence

chain link fencing

There are a few different types of metal fences that are popular. Aluminum, wrought iron, and chain-link fencing are all in the metal fencing material family. This fencing material comes with a very specific kind of aesthetic that may not work for your home. Metal won’t rot or become infested with termites unlike wood fencing. Metal fences can also last decades with the proper care. If you want the automatic durability that wood fencing can’t provide, then consider metal fencing to be the affordable option!

Metal fencing an be inexpensive, but it still requires some upkeep. Metal can still bend and will need replacement like wood if left neglected. The biggest upkeep is keeping signs of wear away where you would need to scrape and paint your metal fencing in order to avoid rusting.

Composite Fence

composite fencing

Made out of wood fibers and plastic, composite fencing has the look of wood but the durability of plastic. This fencing material is an excellent alternative to wood, bug-resistant, and can often be textured to look like other materials like natural wood or stucco. Consult with an ECA Gate & Lock representative for prices and composite fencing styles since they vary.

Made by a combination of recycled wood and recycled plastic, composite fencing is just as durable as plastic or vinyl fencing, but won’t warp or rot as badly as wood.

Vinyl Fence

vinyl fencing

A fencing material that is worth the higher price tag would be vinyl fencing. The most appealing advantage to owning a vinyl fence is there is little to no maintenance required, and it cleans easily. Vinyl fencing lasts the longest out of the other fencing materials, lasting typically 20 to 30 years.

Vinyl fencing is made by molding plastic into panels, so it’s built to be both stronger and more flexible than wood. Also known as PVC, or the same white plastic in plumbing pipes, is another alternative to wood fencing. Vinyl will never splinter or rot, and its durability is worth the price tag. Consult with an ECA Gate & Lock professional fence installer for vinyl fencing availability, and for taller or shorter options.

Hybrid Fence

Do you like the idea of combining what you love about the vinyl or metal fencing materials? A security fence can satisfy your needs with a vinyl material for a base, and wood for the fence to stand tall with stylish texture. Explore a hybrid fencing material option with one of our experienced fencing consultants for the best fence your money can buy.

ECA Gate & Lock Have Top-Quality Fence Materials

If you love the look of one fence over the other, ECA Gate & Lock is a licensed, insured and experienced company able to install the best top-quality fence for you. Contact us for new fencing, gate, and lock installation! We have the tools and access to the most popular style of fencing, and it’s up to you on what fencing material you envision for your home.

No matter your budget, we have just the right fence for you. We install fencing for residential as well as commercial properties. Are you part of a strict HOA with proper fencing guidelines? Are you a leasing manager looking for gate systems or fencing services? We have you covered. See our Buyer’s Guide for more information about fence installation and options we have for your home or business. If you like the look of wood, vinyl, or metal as a fencing material, contact ECA Gate & Lock today!

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